Ocean Jasper


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Balances the Emotions
Guards Against “Evil” Energies
Soothes & Promotes Acceptance

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Ocean Jasper Essence hails from what is considered the rarest form of Jasper, found only near the shores of Madagascar, in close proximity to the coastline. It is this very proximity to the water that is believed to “charge” the stone- and hence the essence- with its mythical, healing energies. A “water stone”, Ocean Jasper has balancing effects on the emotions, and on the mind-body, through the emotions. A soothing Essence, it works to promote overall well being; it brings emotional upliftment and a sense of playfulness when heavier energies would weigh you down. Ocean Jasper Essence also offers grounding and protection, and is historically believed to protect from evil spirits and guard against the unhealthy intentions of negative influences. Working with this essence daily can help with unearthing buried and/or repressed emotion(s) and bringing them to the surface where they can be healed. It can moreover encourages you toward greater self-love and acceptance through your own healing process. As such, it may be beneficial to use when overcoming addictions and/or for combatting the stress that underlies unhealthy patterns and behaviors – to inspire compassion and/or patience as you (or someone you love) work(s) through the layers.

Ocean Jasper Essence furthermore connects with the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras, helping you to more easily verbalize your emotions, speak from your heart, and find true inner peace. You may wish to work with this essence to aid the release of toxic energy from the aforementioned chakras, and to [energetically] aid the breath and digestive systems. This essence also helps to invoke a spirit of harmony and cooperation – in your relations with others, and in the world around you – including plants, animals and all of nature. Indeed, Ocean Jasper Essence may also help you to more easily attune to the natural rhythms of life, and, if you are female, can be a balancing tool during regular monthly cycles. It may also be beneficial to take this essence during times of nausea, as it works to balance and align [energies relating to] the Sacral Nerve Plexus – that is, the network that assists with generating motor and sensory nerves for the lower leg, foot, posterior thigh and [partial] pelvic areas.

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Shanti Kai™ Throat Chakra Gemstone droppers for communication and clarity!

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