Shanti Kai™ Peridot Gemstone Essence - Shielding From Negativity



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Clearing Physical Miasms
Shielding From Negativity
Promoting Vitality & Healing

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An energizing, uplifting essence, Peridot activates and energizes the Heart Chakra and is said to be good for the immune system. It promotes vitality and rejuvenation and further helps to align your subtle bodies, supporting the release of toxins and impurities. An essence of protection, Peridot has historically been used to ward off evil [spirits] and bring prosperity, good health and good fortune. This essence may also be beneficial for times of transition, helping to create stability so that you can move gracefully from one phase to the next. Using Peridot Essence may be helpful if you are trying to release non-beneficial habits or impulsive tendencies as it helps you get to the source so you can clear the underlying issue or root cause. Taken daily, consistently, over long periods of time, it can significantly help release all miasms from the physical body (the latter is referencing channeling by Gurudas).

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  1. Sarah

    I have been using this essence to help me with traveling and holidays. It helps me feel more grateful and forgiving towards the people who are putting me up in their homes. Sometimes I may get offended by some family expectations or demands, this essence helps me stay above it and grateful. I also use this when we have visitors to help integrate them into our space and not feel so overwhelmed by their energy.

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