Polychrome Jasper

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Enhances Dreamwork
Promotes Artistic Ability
Harmonizes Earth & Fire

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Polychrome Jasper Essence (also known as Desert Jasper) carries a strong connection to Earth’s fiery core. It boosts vitality and helps clear energies that you may have taken on from other people and/or environments. It bolsters energies of courage, creativity, and motivation, helping you to operate from a place of inner balance and strength. When all three wheels are harmoniously aligned, you naturally function better in all you do; Polychrome Jasper Essence helps connect your physical and spiritual subtle bodies, whilst grounding you emotionally and mentally, aligning you on all levels of being.

It may also help you to evolve and refine your energy so that you can adapt to the challenges and changes happening in the world around you. Much like a sculptor that chisels away at their masterpiece, Polychrome Jasper Essence whittles away at your energy, sharpening and fine-tuning you so that you may manifest all that you were divinely designed to become. Polychrome Jasper Essence not only inspires you creatively, but also encourages you to act upon your creative leanings and inner strength. So many individuals do not succeed in manifesting the life of their dreams because they fail to act when the timing is right. This Essence helps align you with a sense of the Divine, so that you innately synchronize with Universal timing and intuitively know when to act.

It moreover encourages self-nurturing, emotional balance and overall well being. It further can assist you with dreamwork, dream recall and interpretation, as well as to promote subconscious access needed to facilitate healing and meditation. Polychrome Jasper Essence can also address the energetic causes underlying issues with allergies and circulation, and as such, may help prevent physical energy loss (or depletion) as well as mental-emotional energy drain.

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  1. Christina S.

    Polychrome Jasper Essence has been very healing for me during the past couple of months. I have been taking it after work, when I find myself depleted of energy because of my encounters with so many others. I notice that when I spray myself with this essence I can let go of the stress with ease. It doesn’t stick to me as much. My sleep is more pleasant. I’m also feeling like I’m better able to adjust and evolve with the times, which is moving at a rapid pace.

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