Shanti Kai™ Pyrite Gemstone Essence - Energetic Barrier




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EMF Protection
Clears Creative Blocks
Strengthens Astral Body

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Pyrite Essence is all about protection. It works within your Crown Chakra to build a protective barrier in your energy field that can protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) in the environment (i.e. harmful rays and/or toxic energy fields) and is generally protective against lower frequencies. It may further help hone your intuition so that you can more readily discern the truth and recognize “red flags” with people and situations that would deceive or hurt you.

Pyrite Essence works to break down blockages within your own internal constructs, thereby freeing your creative potential, and may also help protect against obsessive thinking that leads to unhealthy cravings. Pyrite Essence can help you build structure into your daily routine and can help you structure and organize your thoughts. It is also believed to help break down blocks in your lower chakras, which, energetically speaking, may be related to digestion.

Pyrite Essence encourages you to see through illusion and the façade of glamour, helping connect you with your own authentic self. Known as “fools gold”, pyrite as a mineral is said to reveal your true self, and similarly, it’s Essence works to elevate your self esteem. Pyrite Essence promotes worthiness and can help you define who you are at your core, resisting the temptation to go along with the crowd. It can also help you to recognize your own “shadow”.

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