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Awakens Intuition
Aids Creativity & Focus
Calms & Promotes Rest

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Scolecite Essence works on the Third Eye, Crown and subtle Brain Chakras, and may help you develop laser beam mental focus and clarity – potentially expanding your brainpower beyond what is thought of as humanly possible. This essence calms and soothes, rendering it beneficial for relaxation and rest. Used before sleep, it can promote dreams and peaceful slumber, as well as benefit lucid dreaming and dream recall.

Exalted as one of the “twelve synergy stones”, it is considered among the world’s highest frequency minerals/gemstones. Similarly, its essence is also high frequency, and thus is ideal for meditation and/or other spiritual and healing practices. These higher frequencies also work with the higher energy centers of the heart, and help you experience the qualities of divine, altruistic love. Through this action, Scolecite Essence further promotes serenity – as where there is love, there can be no fear.

Continuing, Scolecite Essence works energetically to alleviate the tendency to worry, helping to alleviate anger and agitation, especially as resulting from stress. It positively influences energy relating to your immune system’s intuitive intelligence – which can promote greater overall health and well being. It is moreover believed to facilitate Kundalini, easing its flow along your spine – bringing balance to the subtle nerve channels as it moves upward into your crown. Like many essences that target the Crown Chakra region, it encourages unity and oneness consciousness, as well as increasing feelings of compassion and love for all. Scolecite would also benefit any situation or task that requires calm to be effective.

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