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Meditation ~ Kundalini
Psychic/Astral Projection
Harmonize Yin/Moon Energy

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Silver Essence helps you access the Yin aspect of kundalini, and as such helps you tap into the innate feminine connection between emotions and intuition. It can help you align with moon cycles and harmonize, such as to release the old and reset the new with full and new moons. It can help you if you are overly passionate, aggressive, or have too much fire (yang energy) to balance. It also helps open the entire chakra system and activate access to the upper or higher chakras (above the crown that pertain to higher dimensions and aspects of being).

Silver Essence is good for meditation, breathing and other yogic practices. It may benefit the brain and regenerating nerve cells on an energetic level; it is also noted for increasing mental clarity. It may help you cut through emotions to get to the truth, including your own emotions. It can help you by calming your emotional response before it makes it into the spoken word – or rather said, can help you if you are feeling emotional, to “dial down”, your emotional energy in spoken response, especially in situations where being overly emotional is unfavorable (such as in professional atmospheres and in relationships wherein too much emotion from one partner creates imbalance or weightedness for the other).

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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