Smoky Elestial Quartz

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Psychic Protection
Enlightened Perspective
Inter-dimensional Journeying

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Smoky Elestial Quartz Essence may help you if you are spiritually inclined, to journey inter-dimensionally, seemingly shape shifting or transforming yourself and/or your identity with relative little ease. It’s an essence for you if you are a shaman, medicine man or woman, Kahuna, meditator, prayer worker, healer, yogi, or if you are someone who is looking for an experience of the unknown, or of that which is “beyond”. The ultimate goal of such journeying is breaking ground and coming into a new perspective that can make the pain that comes with being in a physical body more bearable; much like many seek ayahuasca or other medicinal “hallucinogenic” plants. Essences are totally safe and subtly align you with the perspective you are seeking. It brings protection from psychic pollution and negativity on astral planes, which is important if you are journeying in the inner planes. It may also help bring protection to you if you tend to go out of body and “space out”, as unknowingly you may encounter energies on the inner planes that may otherwise allow low level energies or negative entities to affect you and influence you when you reground.

Check out our Elestial Quartz Master Blend which contains all of our Elestial Quartz Essence variations.

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