AAAA Kyanite Mala with Blue Flash Labradorite Beads and Labradorite Rose Pendant


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4.5-5MM x 108 mala beads

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AAAA Kyanite and Blue Flash Labradorite Mala with Hand Carved Labradorite Rose Pendant ~ Intuition ~ Protection.

4.5-5MM x 108 mala beads

Kyanite carries with it a soothing, calming energy and aids in bringing balance to the body. It may greatly benefit communication and self-expression, as well as help enhance telepathic and psychic abilities. Kyanite may assist with healing damaged relationships, negotiations, and other interpersonal situations. It encourages loyalty and fair treatment of others. Its energy may help one to overcome a victim-like mentality and to create a more positive outlook on life. It dispels emotions like anger and frustration and promotes more logical, rational thinking. On the physical level it is said to be a natural pain reliever and is used to heal disorders of the brain, throat and muscular system.

Labradorite opens the third eye, promoting clarity and higher vision. It increases psychic receptivity, telepathy, intuitive ability, and helps fine tune your sixth sense; like having a psychic antenna to tune into needed information and higher channels of energy to receive guidance from your higher self or spiritual connection. Labradorite is protective against psychic attack, including energies that may move through written words such as texts and emails. Labradorite can help alleviate anger and promote harmony


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