Bliss of the Heart Morganite and Ocean Jasper Point Mala



Morganite and Ocean Jasper Point Pendulum Mala


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 Morganite and Ocean Jasper Point Pendulum Style Mala with Gold Metal Accents – Bliss of the Heart

Ocean Jasper Pendant contains rare pink highlights.

5mm x 108 beads

Ideal for:
Strengthening Intuition
Healers that want to wear their Pendulum
Opening the Heart or Anahata Chakra
Balancing & Healing Emotions
Focusing the Mind
Speaking from the Heart
Focusing through Emotions
Easing Grief

Morganite promotes bliss, joy and happiness. It brings healing, compassion, and reassurance. Its gentle energy increases unconditional love, softens resentment issues, and brings forgiveness and trust. Cleansing for the emotional subtle body, it eases stress, lifts burdens, and promotes a feeling of lightness. It enhances self-esteem and trust and can promote calmness to help you not to overthink things.

Ocean Jasper connects you with the soothing, healing energies of the sea, and encourages you to relax with the ebbs and flows of life. This stone helps bring an emotional lift, boosting positive thinking and greater feelings of joy. It inspires self-nurturing and self-love and can help you to be more accepting of yourself during your healing process. It can be especially beneficial for women, promoting balance during monthly cycles. Ocean Jasper further brings harmony to your communications and can help you to speak from your heart.

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