Blue Fluorite ~ Aquamarine and Herkimer Diamond Mala Necklace in Sterling Silver


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Crystal Clear Blue Fluorite ~ Aquamarine ~ Herkimer Diamond ~ Clear Quartz & Sterling Silver Mala ~ Angelic ~ Heavenly ~ Serenity ~ Throat & 3rd Eye Chakra

108 x 6mm Blue Fluorite prayerbeads

Aquamarine and Herkimer Diamond in 925 sterling silver

Fluorite is protective and purifying, helping you become more organized and mentally efficient. Fluorite helps with intuition and self -esteem, increases concentration and helps with memory retention. It is stabilizing to your emotions and helps you to achieve balance in your life. It is also a stone of luck, protection and prosperity.

Aquamarine repels Negativity, helps you to let go of emotional issues from your past, and opens channels of expression and communication and may even unblock artists and writers alike. Within the thymus chakra or the higher heart, this mala is very powerful and emits loving transcendent peaceful flowing energy.

Herkimer Diamond helps to clear all the chakras (especially the upper chakras) and connect you to your spirit guide(s). It advances your spiritual practice – ie meditation, clairvoyance and astral projection. It can amplify the energy of other stones. Overall it promotes balance and harmony and is great for those doing healing work. It may help to release tension and strengthen your physical body.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy in your vibration and can help stimulate inner knowing and ancient memory . It works to increase self-worth and confidence, bestowing clarity, wisdom, balance and inner vision to the wearer. It amplifies positive energy and can energize your auric field so as to increase your field of attraction. It is cleansing and detoxifying to your aura, and can be worn to clarify truth, bring guidance and find direction in all things. Excellent to wear for meditation and use in spiritual practice, it helps connect you to higher levels of spiritual awareness. Worn around the neck and heart it helps bring awareness to blocked energy in these chakras so that your heart vibrates with pure unconditional love.


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