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Kali and Shiva Trident Mala with Jasper, Rultilated Quartz and Yellow Opal


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Golden Healer Rare Kali & Shiva Trident Mala ~ 8mm Jasper – Opal and Gold Rutilated Quartz with Brass and Gold Metal Accents

Note there will be a delay on shipping this item when purchased, until further notice. It is still available however.

8mm x 108 Beads

Jasper carries a soothing, nurturing energy and is a great stone to wear during times of stress. Jasper is also protective, helping to shield you from both negative energies and environmental pollutants. It encourages you to stay present in the here and now, and facilitates connection with the Earth. Jasper also brings courage, encouraging you to identify and face your fears.

Yellow Opal works with the solar plexus chakra and is believed to help with balancing emotions and stimulating creativity. It is known as a stone of good luck and for its ability to remove blockages that would keep you from moving forward, as well as creative blocks. It may further help to strengthen will power, allowing you to move more steadily towards your goals.

Golden Rutilated Quartz helps with healing soul wounds that are deeply stored in the subconscious, helping you to dig deep and focus on releasing what’s holding you back at the core. It assists with helping you let go of grief, and in recognizing and releasing past karma and/ or trauma- whether it be repressed childhood, genetic/ ancestral, or past life (if you believe in such things) memories. It is also very grounding and cleansing to the emotional subtle body, and heart, crown and solar plexus chakras; it especially helps ease feelings of sadness and grief so you can more readily heal and find your joy. It assists in connecting you to your higher self, and helps strengthen your heart chakra, which is a conduit for all other chakras. As part of the heart chakra, it also energizes your prana, strengthens the breath (and relayed respiratory organs), and helps heal and seal the part of your aura that helps shield you from unwanted energy. It has also been used to aid safe astral projection and for connecting with source energy.

Shiva is a deity in yogic tradition that bestows knowledge, good fortune, protection, and peace. A good mantra for this mala is Om Namah Shivaya.

Goddess Kali destroys the ego and illusion and empowers those who trust her through destruction of falsehood and darkness so that truth can prevail.

All Malas come with a one ounce (travel size) Clear My Crystals™️ Hawaiian Vibrational Essence from Shanti Kai™️ (~$22 Value). This is a proprietary Blend of Hawaiian flower and mineral essences made with rare orchid and exotic plants, known to energetically clear the toughest energies.

In some instances if Clear My Crystals™️ is sold out, we will exchange it for a comparable Shanti Kai™️ Essence from their selection of Energy Cleansing Essences.

Malas also include a handmade satin or silk bag.

For more photos, view this item in our Etsy shop.


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