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Kunzite and Smoky Quartz Mala with Lepidolite Teardrop Pendant


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Kunzite and Smoky Quartz Mala with Lepidolite Pendant

108 Beads

Kunzite is a strong healing crystal that acts on emotions and aids you in creating loving relationships, and helps fill your life with love on all levels. It may help relieve panic and fear, lift your mood and spirits, and release worry and stress.

Smoky Quartz Crystal, a powerful, grounding and balancing stone, is a super-charged variation of the Quartz group of crystals. It gets its dark gray-brown color from exposure to natural underground radiation from granite deposits, giving this stone an added layer of cosmic vibrations. In fact, its exposure to radiation makes it one of the most powerful stones for clearing and purifying the environment from electromagnetic stress (i.e. cell phones people!). The Smoky Quartz crystal stone is able to recognize electromagnetic and geopathic stress, neutralizing it and sending it to the earth.

Smoky Quartz can help connect you to higher realms of being through its action of amplifying the truth of everything around it. If Smoky Quartz has found its way into your life, it’s time to open your heart up to even more love and light. A powerful cleanser and detoxifier, wearing Smoky Quartz as a mala can help shield you from electromagnetic radiation and other harmful vibrations, as well as magnify positive loving thoughts. Smoky Quartz works on the crown chakra and anchors us to the earth while keeping our hearts and minds open to source energy.

Smoky Quartz can help you learn to start vibrating at your full potential as it works to release negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger. It can help you move on from painful memories of the past – releasing grudges and resentment that may previously have held you back or been necessary to you for self-protection.

Lepidolite connects the upper chakras starting at the heart, and can help calm nerves and increase hope and happiness – great for those who have obsessive tendencies. It helps to bring truth to suffering and can help one to release anger and grief and promote trust. It boosts self-esteem and encourages one to take action in their life and let go of unhealthy co-dependencies. It can help those who are prone to exhaustion. Historically Lepidolite has been used to alleviate the symptoms of allergies, benefit skin problems and boost the immune system.


All Malas come with a one ounce (travel size) Clear My Crystals™️ Hawaiian Vibrational Essence from Shanti Kai™️ (~$22 Value). This is a proprietary Blend of Hawaiian flower and mineral essences made with rare orchid and exotic plants, known to energetically clear the toughest energies.

In some instances if Clear My Crystals™️ is sold out, we will exchange it for a comparable Shanti Kai™️ Essence from their selection of Energy Cleansing Essences.

Malas also include a handmade satin or silk bag.

Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge.

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