Turquoise and Blue Topaz Carved Moon Face Pendant


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Turquoise and Blue Topaz Moon Face Pendant in Sterling Silver

3” long pendant

Turquoise can be especially grounding, and is a great stone for meditation and communicating with your higher self or source. Holding or wearing may deepen your meditation and enhance your intuition or other psychic abilities – especially when worn closer to your third eye (such as with earrings).

It can help to balance the throat chakra and can strengthen your voice so you feel empowered to speak up. It balances your yin and yang energies so you can feel calm and balanced – even when you are speaking up. Turquoise helps to strengthen the heart chakra and spread love energy within you so that you may feel compassion for other beings and find forgiveness – especially when worn as a necklace or Mala around the chest.

Blue topaz is a crystal that helps to aid communication so that you may think and speak more clearly. This stone is commonly used by those who are trying to enhance their meditation or intuitive abilities, as it can promote body, mind, spirit alignment. Blue Topaz helps to give you the vitality you need to stay on your toes and think through tough or complex scenarios. It can also help inspire creativity and promote the truth you may need to know in a given situation.

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