Cuprite Chrysocolla and Green Amethyst Adjustable Bracelet



Rare Cuprite Chrysocolla and Faceted Green Amethyst Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver


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Rare Cuprite Chrysocolla with Faceted Prasiolite Green Amethyst Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver ~ Adjustable length 6-8”

~ 6-8” adjustable length
– 272 CTS weight stone

Chrysocolla enhances ability to clearly channel higher wisdom. It helps open the third eye and throat chakras so you can truly see beyond the illusion of the physical and express yourself from a place of clarity and truth (eg as opposed to illusion). It breaks down blockages in the throat and third eye – such as from judgments, criticisms, and words held back or that shouldn’t have been said- to enable greater vision and self expression. It may help you release prior beliefs so that you may come into a higher way of seeing and being- not held back by inherited and cultural belief systems and/or environmental conditioning.

Worn on your wrist, this gemstone can help your hands become the expression of your heart and voice. There are many ways to show your beliefs, your truth, and your love… Only some of them depend on your words. Many more of them depend on your actions, and this is largely achieved through your hands.
Your hands are an extension of your heart and what you wear on your wrist can help filter the energy you take in as well as the energy you give out.

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