Bougainvillea Master

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Adapt ~ Discern ~ Protect
Helps Strengthen Boundaries
Amplifies Energies of Attraction

Bougainvillea Flower Essence helps to protect against unwanted energies while still appearing beautiful to those we want to attract or be in harmony with.

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Bougainvillea Flower Essence inspires creativity and encourages independence and freedom of expression. Beautiful to look at, it also has thorns so sharp that it can be fiercely protective and is planted and used in place of security fences in certain parts of Hawaii (and other regions). Its essence too has a protective energy, and like a security fence, can help you learn to become aware of energies that are trespassing in your space. In a similar way, its essence can be used to protect against unwanted or unsafe energies – to help you define clear boundaries that allow you to protect your property (yourself – aura and space), yet at the same time, to have the option to open the gate and welcome the energies you choose to let in.

Sometimes referred to as a vine, shrub, or tree, Bougainvillea is unique in that it can be whatever it needs to be to adapt to the space around it. It can morph into whatever is needed to foster survival in a given space. Similarly, its essence also teaches adaptability and encourages you to evolve and adjust to fit with the terrain you’re in. It can thus be a wonderful essence to work with when moving to a new location, or adjusting to a new job or situation. Like the Bougainvillea itself, which can survive in even the most difficult of terrains, its essence can help you persevere and thrive in even the most challenging situations.

Moreover, Bougainvillea flower essence can help you learn to open up and attract new energy into your life, and to allow your inner beauty and radiance to shine through. It helps you to be truly seen by those around you and magnifies your inner light to the outside world. It can thus be a good essence to work with if you are not feeling beautiful, to love yourself and learn to attract once again. It can also help if you’re struggling with trust issues, to help you learn to have faith in your ability to discern, to listen to and embrace your highest guidance.

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1 review for Bougainvillea Master

  1. escoljoel

    This product is great! My aunt bought it months ago, and it is really helpful.

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