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Crown Flower Master


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Opens Your Crown
Inspires Worthiness
Aids Trauma Release

Master Blend of a variety of Crown Flowers.

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A favorite of Queen Lilioukalani, Crown Flower was weaved into leis and given as a symbol of appreciation, celebration, and respect. It’s Essence similarly helps awaken you to your own Divinity and the discovery of your “inner royalty” and true self-worth. A powerful crown chakra opener, Crown Flower Essence invokes your spiritual aspirations, and as such, is beneficial to spray over your third eye and crown (or take orally) before meditation in order to achieve deeper states. What’s more, Crown Flower Master Essence can enrich your sleep and enliven your dream state, encouraging enhanced recall. It gently stimulates the energies of your crown chakra which envelops your head and crown. Imbalance in this region can affect your entire being and Crown Flower Essence can be an excellent tool to help you heal the underlying causes of wounding in this area, often relating to trauma stored in your physical body and/or deep in your sub or unconscious mind. It is Lord Ganesha’s favorite flower and in India it often grows sporadically in front of where the deity has been invoked. Traditionally throughout India, it’s leaves and milk have been used as poultices for ailments of all kinds- from arthritis to snake bites and skin rashes.

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  1. Maya

    I had an accident in which a tree limb hit my head & caused a big open wound on my crown. I had crown flower essence & really hadn’t thought to use it for my head trauma & resultant pain. Instead I took it before meditating. During that meditation I had an amazing experience of the pain lifting out of my head & felt tingling sensation move in. The pain which had been chronic started to lift & never returned to this area. I continued to use it until the entire wound had healed by applying it topically in spray form.

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