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Crown of Thorns Master


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Stimulates 3rd Eye
Invokes Boundaries
Awakens Christ Consciousness

Crown of Thorns Master Blend clears the energy field by bringing in unconditional love.  It increases one’s awareness and experience of the Divine Christ connection, which operates in unconditional love and compassion.

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Crown of Thorns Flower Essence invokes boundaries and protection in your energy field by amplifying protective energies of unconditional love. It has a stimulating effect on the third eye or Ajna chakra and helps open your awareness to greater dimensions of divinity. Different varieties of this flower exude distinct flavors and there is one particular variety that is prominent in the master blend that creates an almost iridescent and translucent bubble of light that encloses and protects your aura.

This essence is strongly protective and carries with it both a “garland of swords” and an energy of sweetness and joy. Energetically, if you can see in this way, it carries the vibration of AUM and there are color vibrations found in it that that radiate frequencies imbued with golden light.

Crown of Thorns Essence is aptly named, for spiritually and symbolically a crown of thorns represents Christ overcoming worldly struggles and His ultimate ascension into the heavens. Likewise, its essence can help you see with heavenly vision, opening your eyes and propelling you to the highest truth and spiritual awareness. This Essence energizes your spiritual cells and encourages you to keep your gaze transcendent on the Divine, focusing on what truly matters in life.

It helps expel judgments and critical thoughts toward yourself and others, cleansing your spiritual Eye so your consciousness becomes merged with the lotus of your crown Chakra. Further, it helps you step into your divine worthiness, teaching you to honor your own unique gifts and abilities.

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  1. Maya

    I had this essence in a 2oz spray bottle & was using it on my cats, who were experiencing troubles with respiratory infections as a result of a visiting cat that had this same infection. I asked a friend of mine to say a prayer for my cats. My friend called me later the next day & said while she was praying for my cats she had a vision of them surrounded in soft pink bubbles. At the time, I didn’t even know that this essence acted in this way. Later when I read the description of the essence & saw it energetically looked like pinkish gold light I had all the confirmation I needed that these essences are the real deal.

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