Dahlia Master


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Healing Past Love
Developing Empathy
Harmonizing Relationships

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Dahlia Master Essence promotes empathy and understanding in relationships and teaches you to value your senses above all else. Dahlia Master Essence is excellent for healing your sense of self-trust, and can be a powerful Essence for cultivating happiness in life. It can also help strengthen your ability to handle intense emotional stress, instilling the faith and perseverance needed to get through. Its Essence further helps strengthen existing relationship bonds, empathically helping you harmonize with your partner’s needs. It can be especially helpful for healing your heart after past heartache and/or heartbreak, allowing you to once again trust what you feel.

If you were hurt because of a misunderstanding or having misread a situation – or your partner’s intentions – or, because of what you wanted to believe, what you desired, and/or what you thought was love – Dahlia Master Essence can help you recover your intuition so you can once again trust. If you do not have a romantic partner and are struggling to attract the right person, Dahlia Master Essence can help you to “put your feelers out there” in a healthy way – getting beyond surficial levels of attraction so you can truly see what’s inside. It can also help you attune to the needs of children, plants and pets – and/or anyone (or any being) that is not in a position to directly advocate for him, her, or itself. Its Essence may also help children – naturally more empathic and sensitive – to value what they are feeling, encouraging imagination and teaching them to trust what they sense.

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