Shanti Kai™ Fuchsia Flower Essence for Deep Emotional Release


Hawaiian Fuchsia


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Hawaiian Fuchsia Flower Essence (Master Blend) facilitates the deep release of emotional blockages from your energy system. It encourages you to surrender on a conscious level, letting go of the issues that burden you, and on a more subtle, or subconscious/unconscious level, encourages your energy field to do the same. Moreover, Fuchsia flower essence can help ease grief and sadness, so you become aware of what’s truly at the root of your sorrow. If you’re experiencing sadness and loss, this Essence may help you recognize and release stagnant energies that are contributing to this, so that you can move them out of your system with greater ease.

Similar to the way its flower hangs downward, giving in to gravity, so too does its Essence encourage you to let go and to surrender to what is. Fuchsia flower essence teaches acceptance as the first law of Spirit – surrender to what is as a means of releasing the anguish over what is not. This flower essence also can help you release regret – all the what-ifs and could-have-beens that may nag at you, and the resentments and grudges that may plague you. It also helps connect you to your own heart, and teaches that in order to make way for the Light, you must first let go of the darkness. Much like the flower shuns the sun, hanging forward by the weight of its own foliage, so too must you give up the fight and surrender to the force within – the emotions that have burdened you – so you can finally release them – letting them go down and out. Only then can you truly become receptive to and fall into alignment with the Divine.

Fuchsia flower essence may also be helpful when struggling to fall asleep, as it can help you to let go of and release your thoughts.

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