Hawaiian Gardenia

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Hawaiian Gardenia Master Essence inspires hope, uplifts the spirit and promotes emotional balance. It can help you to release any resentments you may be carrying, helping you move into a higher space of gratitude and inspiration. Gardenia Master inspires hope and direction and is a good essence to use during times of loss, grief, or when you’re unsure of the best way forward. Gardenia Master also stimulates deep healing in the subtle emotional bodies of the heart and eyes.

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Gardenia Flower Essence- a Natural Stress Soother

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3 reviews for Hawaiian Gardenia

  1. Alice

    I was in a slump, feeling stuck and depressed about certain situations in my life and the future. I took Nanu Gardenia and noticed I started feeling lighter. I started having more and more moments of joy and excitement internally, even if nothing seemed to be changing on the outside. I felt less bogged down by my current circumstances and more open to future possibilities. This internal shift helped me gain much needed motivation to take charge and change the things in my life that weren’t working for me.

  2. Sarah

    Crepe Gardenia not only inspires me to get healing when I’ve needed it (as opposed to just sitting on things) but I found after a meditation with just taking crepe gardenia it is capable of clearing blockages. I was able to see and clear a wall in my energy that traveled from my second to my top chakras. This was predominantly in my top three chakras but after taking crepe I was able to clear it all.

  3. Alice Boucher

    I recently lost my cat Rellik, and the day I had to put him down I had several newly arrived Shanti Kai Essences in front of me to choose from, knowing I needed the extra support of the Essences. I found myself drawn to Gardenia Master, one I had just gotten and hadn’t tried before. I sprayed it liberally around my head and my heart, where I felt so much sadness for having to say goodbye to my friend of 18 years. It helped take away the raw sting I was feeling and I felt more centered after using it.

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