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Hibiscus Master


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Invokes Passion for Life
Releases Shame & Fear
Balances Root & Sacral Chakras

Relates to balancing the root and sacral chakras, balancing sexual and reproductive energies (especially as relating to the feminine and female issues).

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The Hibiscus Family of Flower Essences relates to the balancing of the first two chakras, the root and sacral energy centers, also known (in the ancient language of Sanskrit) as the Muladhara and Svadhisthana Chakras. The Shanti Kai™️ Hibiscus Master Essence is comprised of a large variety of Hibiscus, spanning over 9 color families, and 22 varieties, several of which are also offered as color specific Hibiscus Flower Essences on our website (with others soon to be added).  Our much beloved Hibiscus Master Essence balances the Root and Sacral Chakras, alleviating issues with the feet, legs, hips, low back, and with blockages along the lower spine and root area. Furthermore, as digestive and hormonal organs are housed in these chakras, Hibiscus Essence may help with energies related to digestion, assimilation and elimination, encouraging the release of  blocks that can lead to constipation and/or water retention (elimination issues).*

Our Master Hibiscus Essence helps clear blockages in the Muladhara, or Root Chakra, the foundational energy center at the base of the spine, helping ease symptoms you may experience in this region (such as feet and leg problems, low back pain, hip issues, restlessness, fear/ anxiety, issues of lack, family life or home life problems, childhood trauma, etc).  It also helps clear the Sacral Chakra, which houses energies related to romantic partnerships, creativity, sexual and reproductive energies, your ego and need to be in control, emotional balance, confidence, courage, and also relates to your subsoul (which connects you to the astral and ancestral dimensions).

Hibiscus Master Essence also helps balance both of these foundational energy centers, helping heal home life and family of origin issues, and bring harmony to your sexual and reproductive energies.  It may be especially beneficial as relating to female issues regarding energetic imbalance that affects hormones.  It also helps balance and stabilize your physical and mental energies, helping you to stay grounded and rooted to the Earth, which may be especially beneficial during times of stress. Anyone who has lost passion for life or in their relationships may especially benefit from this essence, as Hibiscus teaches you to “come back” or recover more readily. It may also help you to be more present in each moment.

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