Jacaranda Tree Flower


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Surrendering to the Divine
Focusing a Scattered Mind
Clearing Emotional Energy

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Jacaranda Treeflower Essence helps clear the mental-emotional subtle body, empowering clearer focus and ease of decision making. It can help bring together a scattered mind, and be helpful in situations where you tend to become distracted and/or to focus on too many things at once. Its Essence can also help you learn to hold your focus so you can better see things through to completion and communicate accordingly. Jacaranda Essence can further help you let go of things once they’re complete, and/or no longer serve you. If you tend to obsess over certain details, or to develop mental thought patterns that make it hard for you to let go, Jacaranda Essence can help you learn to surrender. Indeed, it helps release the subconscious mind and as such can also be helpful in dreamwork and meditation, as well as easing into deeper states of relaxation. Its Essence is also helpful in helping you see things from a higher perspective, rather than getting caught up in competitive patterns, jealousy, or other forms of emotional and mental turmoil. Its Essence teaches cooperation and harmony, and holds the higher truth that “all are one”. It helps you to learn to better work within groups, to let go of your own selfish needs and behold to higher aspirations for the greater good.

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  1. Natalie

    A couple years ago I couldn’t get over sore throat, cough, and bronchitis. I tried everything and finally went and had a couple sessions with Jayme. She gave me Jacaranda Tree Flower Essence as a follow up to my session and my problems cleared out completely within a week. This was in January and I had been sick since early October.

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