Maui Lavender

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Clearing Mental Fog
Healing Karmic Energies
Releasing Nervous Tension

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Our Lavender Flower Essence Master Blend may benefit you by inspiring hope, helping you to believe and have faith in the impossible, by releasing limiting and/or self binding beliefs. It can help you clear out old, karmic energy in your relationships, such as energetically releasing ties to old (unhealthy) partners or simply clearing emotional and/or psychological imprints from past relationships that no longer serve you. Lavender Essence acts on the crown chakra, which in its highest state enables you to hold the belief “we are all one”, and as such, it’s Essence may help you reach your highest potential from a creative state while still remaining connected to the whole. This Essence may also benefit energetically balancing your circadian rhythms, as the crown chakra houses the hormonal glands responsible for sleep and insomnia.

If you are type A or prone to nervous energy and worry, Lavender Flower Essence can help bring energetic balance, thereby protecting you from physical depletion and/or emotional exhaustion. It may also help alleviate mental fog as is related to energetic blockages tied to nervous tension that would prevent you from seeing things clearly.

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All About Maui Lavender Flower Essence #VibrationalEnergy

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Kula Lodge Maui

1 review for Maui Lavender

  1. Anna

    The lavender spray is so calming and soothing. It has a wonderful lavender scent and have really felt that it takes the edge off of blues that can accumulate in the winter and during the holiday season.

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