Morning Glory Master

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Morning Glory Flower Essence Master Blend is just like it sounds…get up in the morning and feel the glory! If you dread getting up in the morning, or if you tend to face the day with a sense of worry and/or malaise, it can help shift you into a more positive place so you can rise and shine from a more joyful space. Its Essence can have a balancing effect on your Crown Chakra and have an influence on the energies that underlie your sleep-wake cycles. It reminds you to make your connection to the Divine each day and this in turn can bring motivation, rendering it easier to find rest at night. Its Essence moreover has a protective energy that inspires optimism, encouraging you to shift your focus upward, toward the light, and to increase your grAtitude.

Morning Glory Flower Essence can also help you to break free from obsessive thinking and or constant worrying. It can also help you to connect with and communicate better with others, and, in group situations, help ease your ability to interact while maintaining healthy boundaries. If you struggle with boundaries in your personal relationships, its Essence can assist you in discerning the delicate dance between allowing people in, and saying “No!” It can also help you do this with food, substances, and other influences- beyond your relationships, empowering you to stand strong and hold your own!

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Morning Glory Master Flower Essence for Motivating you to Break habits

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1 review for Morning Glory Master

  1. Alice Boucher

    After 1-2 weeks of taking Morning Glory I noticed a HUGE decrease in my sugar cravings. I’m so grateful for the shift this essence created, helping me to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle.

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