Oleander Master

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Radiating Beauty
Developing Discernment
Strengthening Boundaries

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The Oleander Flower itself has such a delightfully fragrant aroma (except for the yellow and peach varieties), with a smell so intoxicating you may find your mouth watering a bit…but please don’t “dig in,” for Oleander is highly toxic when eaten (…though perfectly safe when taken as a Shanti Kai™ Essence). Oleander Master Essence envelops you in its sweetness, encouraging you to be in a space of love and to act from this space rather than fear. At the same time, it reminds you that not everything is safe, and to maintain your boundaries and have discretion.Its intoxicating energy carries with it an alluring invitation to drift away into your own dreamworld – and to explore the heights of your own imagination. It also encourages mental tranquility and peaceful sleep, as well as inspires you to open your heart to romance and love.

It may be an ideal Essence for establishing boundaries in dating, in relationships, in the workforce, as well as any circumstance wherein it is necessary to keep your wit, while shining your light. It may especially benefit you if you are in the habit of attracting romance through beauty but frequently find yourself in relationships that feel unhealthy, drain your energy, and/or cause you to feel unworthy. Its Essence can help you, regardless of gender, to learn to see past external appearances, including your own, and to focus your concern on the deeper truth that lies beneath any situation or circumstance. Master Oleander Essence further can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, encouraging you to let down your walls, and drawing you out of your “protective shells”- so that you are free to be who you truly are underneath. It is an Essence that lets your inner beauty be magnified, and helps you radiate your inner light, but that also encourages exercising caution with those drawn in by it.

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  1. Anna Snow

    I have been using the Crimson Red Nerium Oleander and it has been helpful for anxiety. When I take the drops I feel my awareness go to my center and away from any thoughts or fears that were creating un-easiness and tension.

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