Plumeria Master

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Opens Your Heart to Love
Balances Feet & Root Chakras
Invokes a Canopy of Protection

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Shanti Kai™️ Plumeria Flower Essence Master Blend envelops you in a canopy of protection and encourages you to open up and trust. Its Essence helps unite the strength of your mind (and hence the power of your intellect) with the power of your heart (i.e. your emotional truth) whilst invoking the nurturing, safety and protection needed to empower you forward. Plumeria Flower Essence can also help you stay grounded, as well as mentally and emotionally balanced. Working with this essence has moreover been known to bring a lightness to your step and greater balance to your walk. It further invokes relaxation, and can be helpful for peaceful slumber and sweet dreams. Plumeria Master Blend contains all of our Plumeria Essences, and the spray also contains Plumeria Essential Oil.

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Kula Lodge Maui

1 review for Plumeria Master

  1. RD

    I started using Plumeria both by mouth and by adding it to a foot soak. I was having issues with cold feet, circulation and pain from a recent ankle injury that just wasn’t getting better. Since starting it, I have noticed a big change in the amount of pain. It has decrease quite substantially and strength and flexibility are returning to the area.

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