Hawaiian Shower Tree


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Prosperity ~ Surrender ~ Love

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Shower Tree has long since been hailed as an Essence for attracting prosperity and manifesting abundance. A Jupiter-aligned tree flower, it can be beneficial in enhancing learning and drawing in new opportunities. Shower Tree Flower Essence helps alleviate fear of lack and/or worry about what tomorrow may bring, as well as helps ease discouragement and feelings of doubt. It is moreover an ideal essence to work with when facing obstacles, setbacks, and other grievances.

Shower Tree flowers hang downward in clusters, surrendering to gravity, and likewise, its Essence can teach you to surrender to a higher power. It further encourages the release of judgment and criticism, inspiring instead trust and unconditional love. Shower Tree is considered a Jupiter plant, and as such is believed to help aid the mind in organizing and processing large amounts of information.

Shower Tree Master Flower Essence further promotes communication and helps foster harmony and cooperation, especially in group situations. It can further be beneficial in resolving family matters, promoting forgiveness and the letting go of long held grudges. Its Essence encourages the release of resistance, increasing the flow of energy from the Solar Plexus to Crown Chakras.

Tip: Use as a room or aura spray to invoke harmony and cooperation in shared spaces.

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