Cattleya Orchid Blend

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Opens Higher Heart Center
Refines & Heightens Perception
Clears Illusion ~ Channels Truth

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Cattleya Flower Essence

Cattleya Orchid Essence is for opening subtle energy centers in your higher heart chakra, refining your emotional sensitivity and heightening your 6th sense receptivity. It helps you pierce through illusion and increases your ability to “tune in”, so you can hear, sense and “follow your heart”.

Our Cattleya Orchid Blend is made up of an array of multiple types of Cattleya Orchids, including the ones shown.

Vibrational Infusions of an Array of Multiple Types of Cattleya Orchids in Purified Water, 20% Brandy.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 2 fl oz spray, 2 fl oz spray SALE, 2 fl oz spray TESTER

4 reviews for Cattleya Orchid Blend

  1. Danielle

    This essence nearly brought me to tears. I felt such a warm sensation in my heart and like emotions that were so out of my reach were being opened and made more readily available. It really helped me to feel much more connected to my life and the people in it.

  2. Sarah

    I started taking Heart Ease with Release It™. It helped me release a big block and be in my heart and forgiveness/gratitude. I was able to say sorry to old arguments and start to move on. Cattleya also seems related to moving towards forgiveness and being in my heart. I take all three of these together every morning. On days I don’t take them I tend to feel depressed. With Cattleya, I also feel it opened me up to get the message I needed to hear to work from my heart and make decisions to move on. Release seemed to actually help me move on and Heart Ease helped me where I felt hurt and unsafe.

  3. RD

    When I first started on this Cattleya, I was going through a really tough time with a relationship and was about to spend a lot of time with this person. I was feeling pretty anxious about the whole thing. 2 Days before I was to meet with this person I started to drink the Cattleya with my water as well as 2 drops daily by mouth. I really started to shift in this situation and calm down. I went through the meeting with greater ease and transitioned into a place of personal power and growth. I have no doubt this helped tremendously.

  4. Heidi

    Cattleya provides me with the heart strength to be able to have what would normally be difficult conversations or even forgive someone that I normally would want to block out.

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