Autograph Treeflower


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Kundalini ~ Creative Force
Cosmic Energy ~ Divine Union
Bonding ~ Establishing Partnerships

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Autograph Tree Flower Essence may help correct energetic imbalance surrounding issues of fertility, especially surrounding male sexuality and correcting energetic patterns of dysfunction. It gently stimulates your kundalini, the spiritual/creative energy that lies at the base of your spine – usually awakened through the grace of a spiritual or yogic master, *but can also be opened through other means. It may also be used for solidifying unions involving male/female energies and harnessing the sexual/creative energy of oneness to strengthen the self. It would be an ideal essence to use when joining forces, such as when getting married or entering into new jobs or business transactions, as it enhances safety and helps you discern and establish healthy patterns in relationship bonding.

Autograph Tree Flower Essence can also help you find your unique contribution to the planet – and preserve it in such a way that it endures for many generations to come. It can be a good essence for you if you are looking to make a name for yourself in business, or in establishing your legacy or family legacy.

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