Beggars Tick


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Self Love & Acceptance
Determination & Success
Perseverance & Persistence

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Beggars Tick Flower Essence is for weathering the storm and developing virtues of perseverance and persistence. It helps you find the ability to be of service and to utilize the gifts you have even if injured, sick, flawed, damaged, etc. It helps you keep going even though you may feel broken, like learning to make beautiful music from an imperfect instrument. It may help you to find beauty in the imperfect, and allow the Divine to use you as you are, having total acceptance in the place you’re at. It may also benefit the Thyroid Chakra and help with regeneration on an energetic level; this may be because acceptance bridges the Heart and Throat Chakras. When you surrender to the Divine Will (which is seated in the 5th or Throat Chakra) and you accept yourself as you are (imperfections and all) only then do you have the humility to be the voice of Spirit, or the channel of the Divine; only then are you entrusted with the heart of God. In this world, humility is often seen as an unkeen virtue, but in fact it is only through humility that you become truly worthy.

Beggars Tick Essence thus also helps heal issues of low self esteem and is an excellent tool for therapists, and a wonderful self-healing tool for anyone with empathic tendencies living in this world. Beggars Tick Essence is like having a wise elder guide you through life’s terrain, beckoning you at every step to persevere, to stay determined, and to surrender, not to the frivolities of the world around you, but to the spiritual lessons that mold you. It guides you to accept yourself, to know your path and to embrace and love yourself from inside out regardless of who else does.

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