Blue Ginger


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Opening 3rd Eye
Connecting to Higher Self
Invoking Courage & Wisdom

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Blue Ginger Flower Essence balances, cleanses and opens the Third Eye Chakra. It is very powerful for connecting you to your higher self, your inner wisdom and divine worthiness. Its essence furthermore helps you integrate spiritually and mentally, pulling from many different levels or dimensions simultaneously. It’s beneficial in clearing psychic debris and “mental pollution” (or brain fog) so that your mind and intuition can operate with greater clarity. It moreover can help you bring together many different ideas, enhancing your mind’s ability to assimilate and organize information, so that you can access it more effectively. Blue Ginger Essence has an uplifting effect that instills courage, and reduces fears, dispelling nervous energies that could otherwise have a scattering effect on your mind (and/or cause you to expend too much mental energy on unnecessary matters). In this way it can help strengthen your overall vitality and fortitude, mentally, emotionally and physically- as well as spiritually, promoting harmony on all levels of being.

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Weight 0.05 kg

0.5 fl oz dropper, 2 fl oz spray


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