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Buoys the Soul
Soothes Deep Sorrows
Invokes Courage & Charity

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Borage Flower Essence helps alleviate a heavy heart and aids in soothing deep sorrows. It brings energies of perseverance in the face of challenge(s), as well as a sense of protection. It inspires you to be lion hearted, acting with confidence, and displaying courage in the face of obstacles. In fact, both Roman and Celtic warriors wore Borage as a symbol of courage during battle.

Borage flower essence helps you to stand on your own two feet, and teaches you to draw on your own inner strength, especially during times of need. It has a way of “buoying” the soul and is thus a wonderful essence if you tend to feel unsupported or alone in this life. It reminds you that everything comes from God (aka universe or source…whatever you call Him (or Her)) and that even your life itself, your daily sustenance is a sign you are cared for and not alone.

If you have been in a space of self-pity, feeling down, or focusing on what you don’t have or what you haven’t accomplished, Borage Flower Essence can help you to remember others; It teaches that shining the light on those around you, and caring for their needs above of your own, can be a means to “own and atone”, or rather to get back on track after something has brought you down. In essence, the lesson of Borage flower essence is 2-fold: (1.) it teaches that you are strong and able, full of courage and capable of standing strong in your power, and owning your inner truth, and (2.) it teaches charity towards others- that you have the strength not only to help yourself, but also to help others.

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