Byfield Spider Tree


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Increases Receptivity
Enhances Listening Skills
Aids Problem Solving Ability

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Byfield Spider Tree Flower Essence may help to enhance your listening ability so that you are able to get a sense of the whole picture of a situation and do not misinterpret what is happening. It helps increase your intuition and helps enhance your ability to telepathically receive and transmit energy and information through mental thought forms and intuitive energy. Moreover, this essence promotes problem solving ability, helping you integrate both intuitive/creative and analytical parts of your brain, enhancing your ability to think with originality and come up with innovative solutions. It may also assist you in communicating with those who are greatly diversified from you; different age gaps, for instance, such as with those much younger or older than you, can be soothed over so there is less ignorance and greater understanding. Moreover, this essence may also help to promote a positive outlook, increasing love of self as well as greater love for others. If you’ve been through shock or trauma such that resulted in emotional numbness or inability to feel, this essence may reawaken your ability to emphatically feel and sense. If you are already sensitive, it may have the effect of increasing and refining your clairsentience as related to your auric field, and your ability to imbibe vibrational information by filtering incoming frequencies from outside sources. At the same time, Byfield Spider Tree Essence helps instill a resilient quality, so that although you’re absorbing incoming energy it doesn’t stick on your field. Rather, you can mentally process it, more like a computer might process data, retaining needed information for storage and recall at a later time.

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