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Develops Intuitive Touch
Encourages Being Present
Promotes Multidimensionality

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Cockscomb Essence inspires your deepest passions, helping you channel your creative energy so as to birth new ideas into being. It’s Essence can also help with balancing out the physical aspects of any romantic relationship, easing interpersonal issues involving imbalanced sexuality, ego, and/or decreased vitality. It encourages balancing physical intimacy and healthy sexuality with respect to increasing spiritual, emotional and mental levels of connectivity. Its Essence may further help develop your intuitive sense of touch, promoting being present and discouraging the tendency to “numb out”- or to dissociate and “leave your body”. It can help you find comfort in your own skin, and be at ease with [safe] physical touch.

Cockscomb Essence moreover promotes access to the subconscious and unconscious minds, and may as such be beneficial in hypnosis, energy work, dreamwork/dream interpretation and other healing practices. It is also stimulating to the Kundalini and can be a good adjunct to pranayama and meditation, easing agitation associated with transitioning from higher, altered states, back into 3D reality. Its Essence deepens empathy, and helps develop intuitive and clairsentient abilities. It also helps soften the interface between dimensions and can make spiritual or channeled information easier to assimilate.

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