Coral Creeper (Red Barleria)


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Facilitating Communication
Inspiring Romance & Passion
Cutting Cords ~ Creating Safety


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Coral Creeper (Red Barleria) Essence helps foster trust and connectivity between romantic partners, facilitating safety and awareness, whilst also invoking passion and lightheartedness. A flower benefiting the Throat Chakra, its Essence helps with the intake and outflow of information, helping establish a flow of conversation and communication. Red Barleria Essence moreover instills passion for life, and can help you connect with the motivation and inertia necessary to move forward and upward. It can empower you to say what is needed, evoking any necessary boundaries through your words, while maintaining a graceful disposition (such as to not insult or offend others). Its Essence can furthermore help you to cut off from unhealthy situations when necessary, so as not to become drained by negative energies. Its Essence can further facilitate communication with loved ones, animals, and/or ancestors on the spiritual plane, allowing a momentary interface for [pending] messages to be conveyed.

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