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Courage & Focus
Strength in Gentleness
Attracting Likemindedness

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Coromandel Flower Essence can help you show the world there is strength in gentleness and that being delicate, sensitive, or refined does not mean you cannot also be strong, vital and self-sufficient. This Essence can help you in situations where you have to stick your neck out or use your voice and stand in your power. There is strength in numbers and this delicate yet populous flower may help you attract in likeminded souls what you might lack in size, force or power.

Coromandel Flower Essence may help you find courage within to step out of your comfort zone and speak up, try something new, or put something “out there” that you normally would shy away from. It’s especially effective for finding strength to speak in front of groups or when moving into a role of the teacher. Coromandel Flower Essence brings the added “oomph” you need to just get out there and do it.

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  1. Tina

    I had just finished my yoga teacher training in New York when I had the unexpected opportunity to teach a regular class at a local studio. I was flattered by the prospect but didn’t feel I was ready. I had bought Coromandel essence earlier because I’d read that it was good for confidence & speaking up- two things I was struggling with. I decided to use it intensively for a few days & found that after just a short while I was feeling like I was ready to step out & teach. I still felt nervous, but I was no longer overwhelmed by it. In fact I became very excited to get started.

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