Earth Star Cactus


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Releases Inner Pressure
Aids Numbness ~ 6th Sense
Heightens Empathy & Compassion

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Earth Star Cactus (aka Stapnea) Essence teaches compassion and empathy towards others – especially in situations that would normally put you on guard, frighten or scare you. This essence empowers you to embrace what makes you unique, while also helping you to accept your shadow, or the parts of yourself that you try to hide away or have become numb to. Moreover, this Essence aids the release of inner tension – before it becomes explosive – and may further help release excess worry and grief. Earth Star Cactus Essence can further help your energy field equilibrate to external pressure systems and as such may benefit you when traveling (especially by air). What’s more, it’s also a wonderful Essence for softening transitions – such as when entering and exiting meditation or activities that involve transitioning from solitude to group energy. It is also excellent for subconscious therapies, dreamwork, and dream interpretation.

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0.5 fl oz dropper


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