Echeveria (Topsy Turvy)


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Adapt ~ Persevere ~ Flourish
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Echeveria (aka Topsy Turvy) Flower Essence teaches adaptability and helps you to connect with both heaven and earth simultaneously. Its essence can help you handle the harsher energies in the world by keeping you aligned with the more refined qualities of spirituality and Divine Light. This essence especially activates the 11th ray and works on opening up the 11th chakra, which embodies higher virtues of sincerity, action, truth, discernment and compassion.

While its essence activates energies far above the Crown, it simultaneously, strengthens your connection to the earth, promoting grounding and perseverance, and encouraging you to rise above obstacles; it can help you learn to adapt to the sometimes harsh climate of the physical world.

Although as a succulent and desert plant, Echeveria is very well adapted for taking in direct, intense light, it’s the subtler rays that are present at dusk and dawn, that its essence most strongly aligns with, harnessing and magnifying to cleanse, clear and recharge your subtle emotional and spiritual light bodies. Much like admiring a sunset from the horizon at the end of a long day, it allows you to bask in the glow of your efforts, and allows others to appreciate your work as well. In this sense, it may be beneficial if you do not feel appreciated, acknowledged or understood, as its essence emits a radiant quality that brings attention in a subtle but powerful way.

This essence can act as a sort of portal, moving you through time and space, bringing you in and out of memories that are not complete, so you can find resolution and wholeness. It may make it easier to connect with loved ones in other dimensions, to find completion, or simply to share your love even though they have left this plane.

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