False Daisy


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Enhancing Yin Energies
Increasing Patience & Faith
Promoting Healing & Regeneration

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False Daisy Flower Essence is calming and soothing, a yin essence that may be beneficial for calming fiery energies and emotions, as well as other manifestations of tension, such as when you’re injured or in pain. It inspires the inner calm needed for you to feel safe going within to the uncomfortable places that are necessary to heal- to allow you to uproot the trauma and negative memory affecting you. It can be especially beneficial if you’re struggling with patience, doubting your path, and/or otherwise feeling pessimistic about the way things are going. It can help you to persevere and draw on your inner strength, and to trust what you know to be true – no matter what others may tell you. If you feel beaten up by life or otherwise downtrodden, False Daisy Essence can help you find the faith and determination you need, to trust you can and will bounce back, and get back up on your feet. If you’ve gone through a breakup, weathered a storm, or otherwise taken a hit in life and feel that someone else has your power, its Essence can help you to heal and regenerate – to find what it is you need to be complete. If you meditate, False Daisy Essence can help you let go of attachment to the physical dimension, and to perpetual thoughts, especially of all the things you must do.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE

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  1. Maya

    I had a tree branch fall on my head during a storm and knock me unconscious. A few days later I had a head wound and constant throbbing pain- my nerves felt raw. Everything irritated it. I began shifting essences to it one by one until I found some that helped. This one instantly calmed the throbbing sensation.

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