Firecracker Plant


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Accepting Surrender
Processing Sudden Change
Channeling Life Force Energy

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Firecracker Essence balances Sacral Chakra energies and helps you find acceptance with your present condition – i.e., especially during times of stress and unrest. When you start to lose passion for life, and zest for living, this Essence can be a wonderful adjunct to other therapy and/or conscious change processes. It’s an Essence that can be catalytic in helping you step into dynamic change, but it can also help you find contentment and balance with where you are.

If you are the type that needs constant excitement or energy to feel as if you are making progress or living life to the fullest, you may find that Firecracker Essence can help you find greater peace where you are. Moreover, if you become bored, oppressed and/or suppressed, this Essence can help you rekindle your passion for life, and help instill new motivation within you.

It encourages you to place your faith in your higher power and leave it there, to surrender the pressures of life and trust that all will work out. Firecracker Flower Essence may also benefit you when physically ill due to your life force energy – or chi – being “stuck” or blocked, to push past the stagnation and energetically thrive. If you are emotionally burdened, feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you may find that this Essence helps you regain your posture. It can help you learn to redistribute your weight so as to surrender to the burden (i.e. instead of resisting it) while still standing firm in your true power and innate strength.

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  1. RD, Boston

    This essence acts just like its name. It really helped to get a spark back into my work and my life. I was going through a period where everything around me and in my life felt really dull and redundant. This really helped to soften that feeling so that I didn’t miss the good things that were actually happening.

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