Flora’s Paintbrush Master


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Awakening The Heart
Balancing Lower Chakras
Invoking Creativity & Passion

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Flora’s Paintbrush Flower Essence may awaken within you a dormant (or lost) creative impulse and inspire within you the desire to “pick up your brush and paint”. Even if you are not inclined to literally paint pictures, you may find a renewed sense of awe and/or impulse to work with color as this essence increases your empathic sensitivity to the world of subtle vibration, inspiring joy and appreciation for life’s simple wonders.

When energetically transferred, Flora’s Paintbrush Essence might be described as having a cleansing or “swooshing” healing effect, as if it’s clearing away anything that inhibits your passion to live, and opening your heart more fully. Creative blocks and sexual/reproductive issues most commonly point to blockages in your Root and Sacral chakras, where your sexual organs are housed; however your experience of such blocks may be most notably felt in your heart.

Flora’s Paintbrush Essence can help bring back balance and healing to the outer energy fields associated with your lower chakras, balancing reproductive issues on an energetic level, and helping you resolve such issues as they relate to your heart, clearing and opening. This may be especially poignant if you’re a woman, as blocks in this area can relate to unresolved or existential issues around conception and creating life. Men however may also benefit as they can also karmically carry the same issues.

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