Hearts and Flowers


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Integrating Soul Parts
Repairing Heart “Break”
Feeling Emotionally Whole

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Hearts and Flowers Essence assists in healing the emotional body of the heart. It helps transform past resentments and longstanding bitterness into sweetness, thereby reopening the heart to new experiences. It’s especially useful for integrating heart pieces after soul retrieval, and as a tool in regression therapies. This is a process that may allow for healing of repressed childhood memories and wounding that may have occurred early in life. Typically, these negative memories or traumas build, one upon the other, forming complex networks of interconnected memory systems. Hearts and Flowers Essence is an ideal tool to help you work with and deconstruct these internal mapping systems, so that they can signal safety to your subconscious and unconscious mind. This Essence further helps you to open your heart externally, making space for new relationship bonds to form, as well as encouraging the growth of existing ones.

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  1. Cal

    I hadn’t dated since breaking off a four year relationship months before our wedding date almost three years ago. I did some personal work through Shanti Kai and followed up on my sessions with Hearts Flower Essence. Within a month or so I met someone that, for the first time in years, I wanted to pursue.

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