Heart’s Ease (Wild Hawaiian)

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Higher Frequencies of Love
Jumping on New Opportunity
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Wild Hawaiian Heart’s Ease is a small but beautiful velvety flower coated in purple, violet and gold. It is perhaps more aptly referred to as “Johnny Jump Up”, as it is known as a “volunteer”, in its tendency to “jump” into gardens unannounced, thereby volunteering itself as your new plant. It is humble in nature, if not a bit presumptuous, or perhaps, like its essence teaches, Heart’s Ease just knows how to spot a good opportunity and “jump” on it, before it’s too late. Likewise, it can help you be humble enough to present yourself voluntarily, without being asked, called, or waited on.

If ego has caused you to lose opportunity, and fear of rejection has blocked your “willing heart” in service, this essence may help you come back to the simple things in life, and to start by finding joy, by first cultivating “ease” in your own “heart”. Moreover, if you find you are simply out of harmony and unable to cultivate a higher love and self acceptance, this essence can help you to spiritually to come back to the basics and to find “higher love”.

Heart’s Ease Essence can help you forgive yourself and others, letting resentments go, as grudges can clog the heart and create inner obstacles on your life’s spiritual path. This Essence can help ease you into forgiveness, of self and others, and ease you away from judgments and criticisms that would block your spiritual vision, and thus inhibit your spiritual, or third eye, from further developing. In this way, this essence can also help with third eye development, and opening of both the third eye and crown chakras. Heart’s Ease Essence is like having a wise elder guide you on your path, leading you to spiritual transformation via the “way of the heart”. Working with this essence can help with heart centered meditation, and can also be a valuable tool if you’re a therapist or healer, or are seeking therapy and healing, and want to heal your relationships, with yourself and others, but especially with God (or however you refer to your higher spiritual connection).

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2 reviews for Heart’s Ease (Wild Hawaiian)

  1. Sarah

    I started taking Heart Ease with Release It™. It helped me release a big block and be in my heart and forgiveness/gratitude. I was able to say sorry to old arguments and start to move on. Cattleya also seems related to moving towards forgiveness and being in my heart. I take all three of these together every morning. On days I don’t take them I tend to feel depressed. With Cattleya, I also feel it opened me up to get the message I needed to hear to work from my heart and make decisions to move on. Release seemed to actually help me move on and Heart Ease helped me where I felt hurt and unsafe.

  2. SB

    I give my dog Hearts Ease & Violet White and I find that Violet White helps align her energy while the Hearts Ease helps her feel safe and more trusting in times where she would be more territorial. It helped her adjust to a visitor staying with us for 4 days that at first she wasn’t taking a liking to.

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