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Heu Hiu’hi (Rare Kolomana)


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Balances Solar Plexus
Energizes Brain Chakras
Attracts Opportunity & Luck

Balances the third chakra and directly affects the energy centers of the brain and the calmness and strength of the mind.

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Heu Hiu’hi Flower Essence balances the third chakra and directly affects the energy centers of the brain, and influences the mind by promoting calmness and strength. In Ayurveda, it’s Indian counterpart (same tree, different region) is considered by some to be a Jupiter plant, meaning it’s vibrational energy supports positive alignment of Jupiter’s cosmic energy. Jupiter, when favorably aspected, brings opportunity, expansion and facilitates education and knowledge. Aligning favorably with Jupiter is considered to help advance your worldly power and position. This essence may benefit you if you are a student, or require critical, focused thinking and/or use of your intellect throughout the day.

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