Hiku `i kuma (Purple Verbena)


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Balances Crown Chakra
Strengthens Immune Energies
Promotes Strength & Flexibility

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Hiku ‘i kuma (Purple Verbena) Flower energetically supports healthy immune system functioning and healing while promoting group harmony, individual purpose, spirituality and enlightenment. Its Essence has been a conduit for healing and spirituality since time immemorial. In fact, traditionally it was believed that its essence works to [energetically] bring your cells into proper alignment and communication, coordinating with one another for your overall health and well being.

In fact, Hiku’i’kuma roots in healing run quite deep. Different parts of the plant have been used since ancient times for treatment of a variety of ailments including (but not limited to) headaches, insomnia, emotional trauma and mental distress (i.e. anxiety/depression). Many cultures believed it had spiritual powers; Pagans used it in a variety of magic practices believing it contributed to physical strength and other health benefits. The ancient Hawaiians also believed in its ability to enhance the immune system, and they too used it in ceremonious traditions to render crops more healthy. The ancient Greeks as well as Romans revered it as a sacred plant and Christians believed it had the power to treat the “true” wound.

Its virtues and merits are indeed plenty. Its essence draws you into deep stillness, facilitating connectivity with your Divine purpose and higher self. It balances and opens the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, and is thus a good essence for meditation – for bringing wisdom, peace, and healing on all levels. Hiku ‘i kuma Essence moreover can help strengthen your immune energies, especially as they relate to the crown chakra (and the many regulatory glands it houses, relating to issues of headache, sleep, and other conditions). During times of stress and/or chaos, its Essence can help you align with your Higher Self and sense of purpose; it encourages perseverance and resilience, so you can better function in the outer world (in accordance with your highest good).

If you have been wounded or injured – physically or otherwise, it can help bring you back into alignment (on all levels of being). Its Essence brings a sense of integrity and internal support, helping you develop a stronger, yet more flexible backbone – both mentally and physically.

Hiku ’i kuma Essence furthermore promotes mental flexibility, and can work as an “energetic tonic” of sorts, helping you to achieve balance and harmony with the world around you. Its Essence encourages you to listen to the ideas of others rather than being overly fixed or rooted in your ways. At the same time, it helps you remember your roots and teaches you to stand strong and ground yourself in purpose, even if it means going against the grain. Hiku ’i kuma is indeed a Mercurial Essence in that it encourages interpersonal fluidity, helping you to see beyond the duality of light and dark, and inspiring you to better understand another’s perspective. A Gemini-aligned flower, its Essence teaches you that there is truth in more than one way of seeing, and that you can be part of the whole while still being true to yourself as an individual.

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