Honohono (Native Hawaii)


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Clears Psychic Debris
Activates 3rd Eye Chakra
Intuition ~ Clarity ~ Foresight

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Honohono has been used historically in many parts of the world for its common medicinal purposes as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic that also aids issues of digestion, nervous conditions, and most notably, eye problems. As an essence, Honohono helps with clearing the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, the energy center that encompasses the mind, eyes, and of course, intuition.

Honohono Essence helps clear negative thought forms and other “psychic debris” such as mental clutter and negative or traumatic “memories” stored in this area, especially visual traumas as recorded in your “mind’s eye”. Thus, it is not surprising that it’s plant has been used throughout history for treating actual eye conditions. It’s Essence moreover can also help with mental clarity and focus as well as deepening intuition and expanding your “inner vision”.

Honohono Essence also helps with clearing judgements, criticisms, and limiting beliefs, lessening the tendency toward self doubt and giving way to increasing levels of confidence and awareness. What’s more, this essence is excellent when taken at night before bed, for releasing subconscious blockages and alleviating underlying tensions. It moreover can help enhance your abilities toward dream analysis and dream interpretation as well as the ability to recall your dreams.

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