Shanti Kai™ Ice Plant Flower Essence - Strengthens Perseverance


Ice Plant


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Invokes Inner Joy
Strengthens Perseverance
Enhances Cosmic Awareness

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Ice Plant Essence inspires joy just for being alive, and appreciation for the complexity of life. It helps to expand your consciousness and helps develop the upper chakras so as to inspire greater love for all beings. If you are open to it, it brings innate (or intuitive) knowledge of the solar system, the stars, and understanding of Earth as part of the whole. It may be good for meditating in holy or sacred places (such as under vortices) and may help you to recharge your cosmic energy. Just as you must “go within” to the most finite particle to grasp the workings of the physical body (or cellular life), you must expand externally to the Cosmos to grasp the workings of Great Spirit and find your place in it. Ice Plant Flower Essence can help you to weather any storm and promotes greater stability during times of transition. It can be helpful if you feel that you don’t have enough or that you are not enough, encouraging greater belief in yourself and hopefulness for the future.

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