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Ixora Flower Essence is a catalyst for dynamic, often sudden and/or unexpected change. It can help you to harness the element of surprise to catalyze needed shifts in consciousness and to bring about dynamic changes in your life.

Ixora Essence also helps clear attachments that have connected to your physical body through nerve access points that align with your etheric body. and thus represent a sort of gateway from the physical to the spiritual and vice versa. Ixora Essence can help catalyze movement within these tiny energy centers, often catapulting entities and/or energetic attachments off and bringing clearing to your overall energy field*. This would be a great tool for you if you are an acupuncturist (or work with needling), as you are likely to be targeting the same points that this essence acts upon.

It is these attachments or accumulations of trauma on these nerve access points that create the sensation of weight or gravity on the physical body.Thus it is possible that working with this flower essence may help to bring a more youthful energy and appearance to your overall appearance, feeling, and sense of being.

Moreover, Ixora flower essence teaches harmony, unity and community. It can help you learn how to come together with others, connecting through your heart. It also teaches you to ground both the physical and spiritual components that are needed to be whole in body, mind and spirit. It is the consciousness of the heart which connects all mankind in harmony and unity.

*Studies at Shanti Kai™ done by Dr. Jayme Jensen in Essence Therapies have demonstrated this phenomenon on repeated occasions.

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