Shanti Kai™ Jade Vine Essence - Healing Soul Fragmentation


Jade Vine


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Healing Soul Fragmentation
Surrender ~ Angelic Connection
Repairing Heart Chakra Energies

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Jade Vine is an excellent Essence for facilitating communication with the angelic. It encourages you to open your heart and promotes integration of soul parts during healing processes. As such, it’s an excellent essence for healers and therapists, for assisting clients who are undergoing deep transformational therapies. It may be especially beneficial in therapies or techniques that involve accessing subconscious, dream, regression, or other multidimensional states, especially those involving soul retrieval. Jade Vine Essence also helps ease mental and emotional fragmentation, helping you “hold it together” and ward off distraction so you can remain “one pointed”. Through promoting feelings of “wholeness within” it may also help prevent you from getting “hooked” or manipulated by outside energies.

When used in Vibrational Essence Therapies™ at Shanti Kai™, it has been shown to effect a soft protective blue light that shields around the heart chakra.*

Jade Vine Essence helps soothe your heart chakra, invoking feelings of serenity and peace. This essence teaches acceptance through surrender, helping you release the energies that seek to bind you and hold you back from reaching your full potential. It teaches you to surrender to the flow (instead of swimming upstream) and can help you learn to release unnecessary stress and tension. It may help you learn to surrender to the divine, and allow a higher power to work through you (instead of your ego’s need to always be in control).

Jade Vine Essence may further help you to attract others that are like minded into your life, helping you find your spiritual family (or ohana). It can help ease feelings of insecurity by helping you release and/or surrender feelings of unworthiness and fears of being criticized or judged. If you tend to lose yourself in groups or do not know what to do when you’re NOT surrounded by others, this essence may help you to “find yourself”. Tasked with leadership or public speaking, this essence may help you channel your emotions into words that allow the power of your heart to come through.


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