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Lava Field Silky Jack Bean


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Focusing on Your Goals
Rekindling Passion for Life
Enhancing Fluidity & Strength


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Lava Field Silky Jackbean Essence empowers to you thrive, even in the most challenging times and difficult environments. Perfect for those times you need to call on your inner strength to persevere, Lavafield Silky Jackbean Essence helps focus you, encouraging you to stay the course, and steadfastly work towards your goals.

It’s a nurturing essence that works to revitalize and replenish, to fuel your inner fire and rekindle your passion for life. Its Essence can help you with clearing interconnected memories and energetically alleviating psychosomatic trauma inside your body. Just as one lamp lights another, so too, can this essence help purify your innermost being. Lavafield Silky Jackbean Essence can assist in trauma work, therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or other healing work such as meditation and contemplation. This Essence can be used to energetically transmit a purging or clearing effect from one part of you to the next. When it hits a samskara, a part of you that needs clearing, this essence has a way of rapidly interconnecting or mapping out the underlying tension pattern.

In fact, at Shanti Kai™, Jayme refers to this essence as a “liquid chiropractor” because it energetically has the effect of realigning the facial and cranial bones- as if trying to clear underlying tension patterns. It also has the effect of energetically straightening the spine, and thus creating more fluidity and flexibility within, especially benefitting the vertebrae, neck and jaw.

It not only targets your neck and jaw area energetically, but it also benefits communication patterns, helping you control your tendency to snap back and/or the need to always have the last word with others. It may thus benefit relationships if you (or your partner’s) temper runs high, helping you to quell the heat and learn to cool off.

Lavafield Silky Jackbean can also help with opening your third eye, increasing your ability to discern, and raising your awareness. This may in turn help you to better recognize and more quickly identify warnings and threats and similarly, to quickly dispel unsubstantiated fear(s).

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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